EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS – Your Emergency EHR Lifeline!

Cost-Effective Emergency EHR Access

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Why customers are choosing EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS

Empower your healthcare organization to safeguard patient care during the rising threat of ransomware attacks. As these attacks become more sophisticated and costly, with organizations losing approximately $8,662 per minute, the need for proactive solutions is paramount. Join forces with Keystone Technologies and AWS to fortify your security.

Under the guidance of Eric Humes, Keystone Technologies’ CEO, explore strategic solutions such as transitioning to EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS, and other alternatives like BCA Web and Production Environments. In an upcoming discussion, Jeff Bell, Chief Information Officer at Keystone Technologies, and AWS Global Epic Leader Matthew Dinger will share quick-to-implement strategies tailored to healthcare institutions of all sizes.

By teaming up with Keystone Technologies and AWS, you can take a proactive stance in ensuring uninterrupted patient care, safeguarding sensitive healthcare data, and staying one step ahead of security threats.


Optimize costs and spend time where it counts the most–with your patients.

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EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS: Cost-Effective Emergency EHR Access

Maintaining continuity of care during downtime events

Providing informed continuity of care is the number one priority for healthcare communities. However, this becomes increasingly more difficult as both healthcare costs and ransomware events are on the rise. Managing these harmful attacks is costly and interrupts the quality care patients deserve.

EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS eliminates wasted capacity while supporting smart provisioning. In addition to ransomware, EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS provides continuity of care during planned and unplanned downtime.


Uninterrupted patient care.

A cloud-driven platform reduces stress and increased agility during ransomware events by supporting continued, intelligent patient care. Patient records are securely accessed from an AWS cloud read-only replica of production by leveraging compliant controls.

Improve operational resiliency with smart provisioning.

As both healthcare costs and ransomware events continue to rise, EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS implementation saves healthcare institutions money. As your healthcare partner, let Keystone Technologies show you how to:

  • reduce insurance costs and exposure.
  • reduce BCA and SRO expenses.
  • drive improved outcomes at a lower cost.
  • optimize IT costs while securing continued care.
  • drive administrative efficiencies with automated tasks

Drive added value.

Keystone Technologies coupled with the EHR Cloud Read-Only on AWS drives new value. It’s not a migration. It’s a new environment delivering new value. The replica production offers a more current recovery point, leveraging immutable backups for recovery.

Why Partner with Keystone and AWS?

We are an AWS Consulting Partner – Advanced Tier – with a 20-year history of referenceable and successful healthcare engagements. We successfully complete various complex data conversions, data hosting and/or legacy integration projects across the country. The AWS networking platform offers consolidated technology stacks deployed across multiple zones and regions making full use of the resources and breadth of AWS Cloud offerings. EHR accessible offline and patient care is never interrupted.

Test, Dev, and Training environments that may be scaled up and down as needed to support organizational needs.

Disaster recovery environments quickly scale up to support rapid recovery in case of a disaster.

Production Epic environment supporting day-to-day health system operation.

“Keystone did a super job articulating answers to our concerns in a manner that was easily understandable to all of the levels of knowledge and this was extremely helpful… The excitement level around Hope Hospice is high for these new implementations!”

Brandie Boaz

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Optimize costs and spend time where it counts the most–with your patients.