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Built specifically for healthcare scalability

Legacy systems are the backbone of healthcare organizations, providing essential patient data directly influencing the quality of patient care. Yet, 72% of the C-suite say their outdated legacy platforms are holding them back*. With fluctuating IT budgets and growing demands, administrators are hyper focused on investing in modern solutions that not only offers an intuitive, scalable solution but also maintains HIPAA compliance with record retention regulations. This high caliber request can pose a unique set of challenges as all legacy systems are not created equal.

Keystone Technologies’ cloud infrastructure powered by CareFinity is purposefully built for healthcare, offering a fully redundant architecture that caters to computing, storage, and security needs while complying with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. And it doesn’t break the bank like most systems. Our solution is a fraction of the cost.

*Are Technical Debt and Legacy Systems Affecting Your Digital Transformation? | Tandem (

3 archiving essentials every healthcare leader needs

Keystone Technologies offers an intuitive solution with 3 essential components:


Support better continuity of care and Release of Information with streamlined workflows and easy access to patient EHR records, images, documents, notes, financial data, and significant events from any device anytime, anywhere.


Build a robust archive with read-only access to patient data from inactive EHR systems and AWS global security resiliency.


Lower overall cost by reducing EHR licensing by leveraging Amazon–supporting virtually unlimited scalability, and industry-leading data security and resiliency.

We make retiring legacy systems hassle-free

Retiring data is not one size fits all. Our team works closely with hospitals of all sizes. We understand the importance of listening, creating tailored solutions, intricate data landscapes, and the importance of staying nimble. That’s Keystone Technologies’ way of creating a transparent partnership. When you’re ready to archive legacy healthcare data, there are specific considerations you’ll need to make depending on whether you’re retiring a mainframe, EHR or revenue cycle management system and we will guide you every step of the way.

Our team will make the entire process hassle-free. Discover the impact that healthcare data archiving could make for your organization.


Healthcare data archiving expertise you can trust

Backed by a team with extensive healthcare experience in major conversions, Keystone Technologies collaborates closely with healthcare IT Directors, Implementation Specialists, and Project Managers. By foreseeing potential issues, our experts ensure project milestones are met, minimizing maintenance costs for legacy systems.

Find out how Keystone Technologies can simplify legacy data archiving for your health system.